Friday, 19 August 2016

Review: NYX Illuminator in Ritualistic - a brown girl's best friend

Review: NYX Illuminator in Ritualistic - a brown girl's best friend 

I've been experimenting with the NYX Illuminator in Ritualistic and oh my, it does what it says on the compact.

NYX Illuminator LITERALLY makes your face look like it’s lit up and leaves you with a fine dusting of gold that’s almost Kardashian-appropriate!

The beauty of the NYX Illuminator is that it doesn’t leave you coated in sparkle, like loose highlighting powders, nor does it sit in streaks, which can be a problem with liquids. Instead it literally kisses the skin.  

I usually avoid full-on highlighters as I don’t want to be left with this very-obviously-highlighted mirror effect: 

Khloe Kardashian wearing lots of makeup at the gym

And that’s her bloody gym makeup. Sorry Khloe.  

But what’s even more awesome is that it ticks the brightening boxes in a much more subtle and appropriate way than using a lighter foundation.

For too long us Asian or dark skinned girls have experimented with mismatched foundations as the ones that really matched our skin (according to the girl at the beauty counter) made us look ashy or muddy. Whereas with NYX Ritualistic Illuminator, my skin is brightened and works on top of my usual foundation. 
Watch my full video review where I compare how my cheeks look with and without the NYX Illuminator, my suggestions on when to wear it (clue, it’s not appropriate for EVERY occasion), how to wear it for best effect, and the downside to this almost perfect product.  

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Competition - Help me rename Desi Girl’s Blog (and win a beauty stash!)

Help me rename Desi Girl's Blog

Competition - Help me rename Desi Girl’s Blog (and win a beauty stash!)

OK, so when I started my blog in 2011, I didn’t quite think it would grow how it has. I was looking for an inspiring name, something that nodded to my Asian ethnicity, whilst still being quirky. I initially wanted brown girl’s beauty blog, but someone already had that.

So Desi Girl’s Blog it was. Fast forward to2016, and I’ve slightly outgrown the name, and I think it’s high time for a change.

I’d love to get your input on this, so much so that I’m holding a competition for the best suggestion of a new blog name, where you can win a beauty stash with brands including NYX, No7, Meder skincare, St Moritz, Collection and more.    

As a reader you’ll know what my blog I about, but here’s some more titbits for inspiration:  

  • My blog regularly features off-topic rants
  • I often write as a stream of consciousness
  • I have lived in many places in the UK (Wales, Preston and London to name a few), so my accent is totally hybrid   
  • My first passion is writing  
  • I'm a massive foodie
  • I’m not a trained MUA, in fact my makeup application is basic at best
  • I’m all about real-time beauty tutorials and honest reviews. Strictly no airbrushing   

So to enter, leave a comment in the blog post below, but don’t forget to enter in all the usual ways to increase the chances of me seeing your suggestions!  The competition is open worldwide, and entrants must be 16 or over. 

Happy naming! 

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Friday, 12 August 2016

‘Giraffe-style’ Huevos Rancheros – or Mexican open wrap

My recipe: ‘Giraffe-style’ Huevos Rancheros – or Mexican open wrap

‘Giraffe-style’ Huevos Rancheros – or Mexican open wrap 

So a while ago I posted about my inaugural experience at Giraffe restaurant where I had this awesome brunch wrap which was basically all my favourite stuff on a tortilla. 

Well, not only was it delicious, it was super simple too. So easy in fact, that I’ve recreated it myself at home and wanted to share the recipe with you.

I can hardly call this a recipe, as it requires almost no cooking.  The wrap is essentially kept unwrapped and slathered in all manner of deliciousness including salsa, cheese, and avocado.  There’s a lot going on. And the going is good.

So here is my copycat of ‘Giraffe-style’ Huevos Rancheros – or Mexican open wrap


  • 1 soft flour tortilla
  • A spoon of salsa (you can make your own by blending tin tomatoes with onions, green chilli and coriander. I cheated.)
  • Handful of grated cheddar cheese  
  • Handful of sweetcorn
  • Half an avocado, sliced  
  • Some cooked chicken, teared (leftover roast is ideal for this) 
  • Handful of black olives

The beauty is, you can mix and match the ingredients to your heart’s content. You can even top with a fried egg if it’s for breakfast.  


  • Place the tortilla on a hot dry pan and let it heat on one side for a few seconds
  • Turn over the tortilla
  • Pile on the food with abandon, starting with the salsa first, followed by the cheese so it can melt.
  • And that is literally it. 

Giraffe’s Huevos Rancheros – or Mexican open wrap… done! 

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Ekia eye cream review – nicely tightening

Ekia eye cream is made from Dragon's Blood Sap

I’ve not done a skincare post for a while, but I felt that this new product – EKIA eye cream - was worth a mention.

Anyone who’s read this blog from the beginning will know that my eternal struggle- along with finding the right foundation – is finding a product that will help reduce my eye lines. 

My eyes have been my most ageing facial feature, as from the age of 18 I had lines around my eyes, and never really knew how to combat them. I was lucky enough not to have dark circles, but I made up for this in fine lines.  

It was when I was getting married and trialing MUAs that two makeup artists told me that my eyes were dehydrated, and a good eye cream was in order.  That was all that I needed to hear, so cue a road test of the following eye creams:
While they all had their pros and cons (and you can read all about them by clicking the names), my biggest bugbear with using eye creams was this – laziness and commitment-phobia. Like most things in my life, I start enthusiastically, studiously applying the cream at morning and night. Then life, holidays, work travel or simply not buying a replacement cream scuppers the eye rehydration process.

So I’ve gone for about a year without using eye cream, and truthfully, it didn’t concern me until I noticed a new thing to complement the eye lines – puffiness.
That’s right, my eyes weren’t content with lines, so they had to throw morning puffiness into the mix.  When I first noticed the puffiness I put it down to the residue of my eye infection (which I warned you about here).

However, it wasn’t painful and it settled during the day, so I could only conclude that the puffiness was a sign that I wasn’t 21 anymore.

So it was impeccable timing when I was introduced to a new brand of skincare, Ekia.

A new organic range which is for *cough* maturing skin, Ekia boasts a super-cool Game of Thrones Khaleesi-esque ingredient - Dragon’s Blood Sap.    

Science-y/marketing spheel alert:

Apparently, Dragon’s Blood Sap comes from the Croton Lechleri Tree from the Amazon rainforest,  which is one of a handful of native trees known as ‘pioneer species’ due to the fact that in even the most depopulated of forests, it is one of the first trees to come back to life… all thanks to the regenerative capacity of its sap. 

Used for centuries by Amazonian tribes for its regenerative benefits, “Dragon’s Blood Sap”, has over double the anti-oxidant power of green tea, and is considered by the scientific community as one of the most powerful antioxidants in the world.
Anyhoo, I was glad to hear that I was on the younger end of the Ekia ideal customer.  But nonetheless, I was told I may benefit from trying their products.  So I’ve been using their Eyelid Lifting Serum around my whole eye for about a week, and it’s pretty darn good.     

On first application, I felt the skin around the eye tightening.  Now this was a very different feeling to the other eye creams I tried, such as Madara, one of my faves, more intensely moisturizing. However, the tightness did help make my eyes look tauter, therefore keeping puffiness at bay.  Obviously time will tell whether it provides any long-term benefits, however, it did seem to work instantly to pep up my peepers.

Ekia’s eye cream doesn’t come cheap, as it’s £38.29 for 15ml, so it totally depends on your budget whether you feel it’s worth the splurge. However if you’re lazy and forgetful like me when it comes to skincare, Ekia might be worth a go for it’s almost immediate effect.        

Ekia's eye cream can be found at:

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Meat Co Westfield review – halal steak done well

Meat Co review -  Halal steak done well


Meat Co Westfield review – halal steak done well      

I’m sure many of my halal-meat eating friends feel this pain – it’s damn hard to find a decent steak. Halal chicken and chips are everywhere, but when it comes to good old-fashioned steak dinner, we’re sadly lacking.